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Plant Centre

Roseland's finest plants, flowers and gardening supplies

Alpines, succulents & house plants

Our alpine plants are highly adaptable to harsh conditions, low temperatures, dryness, and wind. Perfect for anyone who is usually very busy! The succulents plants are perfect for any home workers with thickened, fleshy, and engorged steams, usually to perfect for retaining water.

Trees, shrubs & perennials

We have a wide range of small trees, shrubs and perennials on offer at Roseland Plant Centre, perfect for everything from your garden room to a full landscaping project. Do get in touch or come by the plant centre to see what works best for you.

Bedding plants & bulbs

We have a lot of ready-to-go bedding plants as well as dry stock of bulbs. Weather you are tending to a garden flower bed or looking to set bulbs in for the spring, Roseland Plant Centre has all the bedding plants and bulbs to meet your needs.

Gardening accessories

Whilst the majority of our centre is out-door plants, pots and trees we also stock a variety of garden accessories and equipment. From tools, gloves and clothing to fertilizer, seeding and bone meal we at Roseland Plant Centre aim to have everything you need to maintain your garden.

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