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Some wonderfully vibrant Tulips are now in full bloom. The perfect flower to brighten someone's day.
Price vary
Bellis Medici

Bellis Medici

We have some beautiful Bellis Medici flowers now coming into bloom. Come down to get your today.
Prices vary
Alaska Mix Primrose

Alaska Mix Primrose

Our beautiful easy-care Primrose mix are now in full bloom, come by the store to pick up your favorite mix!
Prices vary


Da Bara Bakery

The smell of fresh bread and flowers in the morning

We are pleased to welcome Da Bara Bakery to Roseland Plant Centre for April 2021 and beyond. 

Da Bara have made a name for themselves with some of the finest pastries, pasties, coffees and brownies on the Roseland over the last few years and we are really excited to have the bakery team join us at the plant center. 

Meet the team

Meet the team at Roseland Plant Center

Name of team

Name of team

Name of team

Meet the team

Meet the team at Roseland Plant Center

Catherine Taylor

Ben Taylor

Opening times

Roseland Plant Centre
opening times

To ensure that we are able to support gardens and gardeners alike throughout the year, we operate two opening periods across the year. One for summer time, and a separate times for the darker winter months. 

See our opening times here:


1st April - 31st August

Monday to Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Sunday + Bank holidays - 10am to 4pm


1st September - 31st March

Monday to Saturday - 10am to 4pm

Sunday - Closed





Committed to your safety

At Roseland Plant Centre we have adapted our customer areas to comply with all the UK Government Covid-19 guidelines.  

The majority of Roseland Plant Centre is outside and in the open air, but in confined spaces we operate a ONE-IN-ONE-OUT system to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Contact us

Phone number:

Plant Centre - 01872 501502

Fishing Tackle - 07812 153707



Roseland Plant Centre

Ruan High Lanes



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